Q. What does the word yoga mean?
A. The word Yoga means both 'harmony' and 'union'. Yoga is the connection of physical exercises and the presence of mind which is done mainly by a focus on repeated breathing exercises.

Q. I am not sure if my child will like yoga?
A. We make the workshops fun and imaginative. In our group workshops we have found that the children like to get involved. We have received some very high accolades from school teachers in our ability to involve 'the whole' class. We also have a good record with engaging previously disinterested children.

Q. Is yoga difficult for children?
A. No, most children feel very comfortable performing the physical exercises and we encourage the practice in a non-competitive environment.

Q. My child is not attentive and I am not sure if he/she will absorb the session?
A. We have found that some children who don’t seem to be attentive in the session still absorb the information and sometimes practice their exercises at home in their own time.

Q. Is yoga a religion?
A. Yoga is not a religion and the Yoganauts brand is not connected to any religious or spiritual matters. Our format and programs have been created by an exercise scientist with a leadership team comprising of experienced Australian school teachers. Our focus is on the science based research which links breathing exercises and physical exercises to healthy outcomes.

Q. How does Yoganauts deliver their program?
A. Yoganauts has created a new and inventive way of delivering Yoga to children which incorporates creativity, imagination, fun and of course the physical component of the poses.

Q. Does Yoganauts explain to the children the origins of Yoga.
A. The Yoganauts curriculum does not intend to teach the origins. We like to keep it fun, playful and new. However if a child asks a question about the origins and foundations of yoga we would be happy to answer the child's question.

Q. What is the one thing Yoganauts hopes children to get out of your program.
A. The ability to learn and understand how guided breathing can be beneficial. That our breathing exercises can make us mighty!