It all started a long time ago: playing on monkey bars, balancing on timber logs, riding scooters and launching go-carts made in the garage with our siblings. As children we instinctively knew the value of vitality, willpower, strength and happiness. Now we are grown-ups, here at Yoganauts we still balance on one leg, connect with the people around us, play on equipment and intuitively create.

Our vision is yoga for every child. And we hope to achieve that by creating a fun and imaginative space in which children can discover the joys and the value of yoga. Using our innovative delivery methods, Yoganauts has created two of the most interesting and responsive yoga programs in Australia. Among many 'kid friendly' delivery methods, we not only deliver conventional kids yoga, but we also deliver other popular formats like our inventive and immediately engaging 'Yoganauts Imagination Station' delivery and we do all this under the guidance of our four 'Yoganaut Elements' for older children and 'Yoganauts Superheroes' for the younger ones. We are continually trying to set the benchmark in kids yoga in Australia and we are forever working on new delivery methods, programs and resources for children. 

Aimed at children of all abilities and without relying on any prior knowledge, our classes are a hit with children (and their parents and teachers) in schools and community halls in NSW, VIC & ACT. Watch this space for more venues as we expand!

Yoga and mindfulness exercises have been scientifically proven to improve the brain function of children. A recent study by the journal Developmental Psychology suggests that fourth and fifth graders who practised mindfulness exercises showed a 15% increase in Maths scores on their peers.

In this age of short attention spans and the dominance of screen-based media, learning techniques for focus, balance, positivity and yoga breathing are increasingly important for a child's development.

We also have lots of other fabulous things in the pipeline to help us reach our vision of yoga for every child, so like us on Facebook to be kept in touch with our news.

Who we are:
Paul Karantonis, Chief Yoganaut and Founder
Carmel England, Community Building Yoganaut
Georgie Greenaway, Chief Yoganaut of Northern NSW
James Bennett, Chief Yoganaut of Southern QLD
Maya Darby, Chief Yoganaut of Sydney Metro
Oriana Guayasamin, Chief Yoganaut of Melbourne Metro