Yoganauts helps children understand the connection between their body and mind. Through guided movement and exercises we help children develop their growing self observation skills.  

Resilience is about bouncing back, about getting back up after being knocked over. Yoganauts explores challenging exercises and mindfulness exercises in a a fun and non-competitive way to encourage children to bounce back in their own adaptive way. 

Happiness comes in many forms. Our form is through fun and imaginative yoga. Happiness can change someone's world in an instant. We hope to do that :) 

We encourage children to create their own yoga poses. We provide a nurturing environment for children to cultivate their creativity and belief in themselves. 

We introduce willpower and transformation to the children. How their willpower can be infinite and how they can little bit by little bit transform themselves into anything they imagine. 

Our programs involve many yoga and meditation exercises that your children can keep and use for the rest of their lives. 


We have a couple wonderful ways we do it:

Yoganauts - Mind & Movement Program

This program covers growth & development, active lifestyles, games and sport under the curriculum. We deliver this program in a very inventive and engaging format. We include our popular 'yoga obstacle course' within this program among other popular activities, strong visuals and delivery methods. Our delivery method has a very high engagement rate. We introduce the children to focus, balance, the strength of not being distracted and serenity. This program has a high component of yoga exercises and mindfulness concepts.

STARTER PROGRAM - 4 week program
SINGLE TERM PROGRAM - 8 week program


Yoganauts - Advanced "Super Zone" Program

This program covers interpersonal relationships and growth & development under the curriculum. This program provides an innovative way of delivering mindfulness and limitless training concepts to children. We also talk about serenity, willpower and strength. It is an inclusive type of program where every child will create their own 'super zone badge' (or 'superhero badge" if they are younger) which is essentially their 'tool kit' of understanding willpower, happiness, vitality and transformation. This program has a high component of mindfulness, meditation and capacity building development. 

SINGLE TERM PROGRAM - 8 week program


To make a booking, please call our Chief Yoganaut (Paul) on 0476 157 715 or email the Chief on


Our programs are curriculum based for both New South Wales and Victoria. Our innovative programs cover Growth & Development, Active Lifestyles, Interpersonal Relationships (Yoganauts Super Zone Program) and Games and Sport.


Yoganauts is run by Paul Karantonis and his team of Yoganauts. Paul has been involved in exercise and movement his whole life. Paul leads the team with his knowledge and experience as an Exercise Scientist and qualified Kids Yoga Instructor. Paul has also attended over 300 hours of mindfulness and meditation teachings from various affiliations.