At Yoganauts it is all about body control and we have woven into our incredible recipe a mix of modern and popular exercise modalities to create what we feel is the leading kids body control and movement program on this planet. 

There are now scores of research papers showing that certain body movement, breathing exercises and body control practices can make you smarter, develop your brain and grow parts of your prefrontal cortex related to emotional management and focus.


A recent study by the journal Developmental Psychology suggests that fourth and fifth graders who practised mindfulness exercises showed a 15% increase in Maths scores on their peers.


We have reverse engineered all the positive scientific research we could find at our Yoganauts headquarters and then we designed a new and innovative format to suit young people all across Australia to find their spark and mindful moment!!!


“I love it. It’s exciting and relaxing.”
Felix, 9 yrs old
Bronte Public School, New South Wales


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