Airon 300 by 300.gif


( ~ Breath & Vitality)

Breath is vitalising and Airon teaches children the breathing technique of yoga. The message of breath is a very simple one but very powerful and that is why Airon is a little super powered hero. Often, we all forget to breathe during times of anxiety, fear and nervousness, whether that be before an exam, a sporting match or a roller coaster ride. Remembering to breathe can be very calming and energising too. 

Airon’s face paint and mask represent conscious breathing through the nose. Her badge, the figurative 'A' represents both the word air and the flow of air through our nostrils.



( ~ Strength & Balance)

Goru teaches children to focus with their eyes whilst in a yoga pose. Like adult yoga, we teach children to gaze at a spot on the floor or the wall. This helps the children practice their focus and train them not to be distracted too easily. With a focussed mind combined with the practice of yoga comes stability for both the mind and body. 

Goru’s face paint represents focus and strength. Goru wears an 'X' badge which is figurative of ‘X marks the spot’.



( ~ Happiness & Serenity)

Yoga is non-competitive and Zazen reminds children that they should be relaxed and happy within a yoga pose.

Zazen wears the symbol of the heart as a badge as the smile is an expression from the heart. Her yellow face paint represents ‘sunny cheeks’ and her blue head wear is just some super hero swagger she likes to wear.



( ~ Willpower & Transformation)

Kaizen symbolises willpower. He teaches children that little bits of practice will eventually lead to overall positive growth. Whether it be little bits of yoga, kung fu, netball, piano, ninja practice, conscious breathing or even positive thinking, they all add up.

His badge, an unbroken ring represents perseverance and to keep trying. To keep going.